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“Every time we watch our wedding video, it makes me feel like I am there all over again”

Confetti Wedding Videos are professional videographers and designers with over 10 years in both videography and photography. Above all, our passion is to capture the ‘heart and sentiment’ of every wedding we film and turn into a truly cinematic experience that you will want to watch ‘over and over’ again. We use professional video and audio equipment filming in both HD and 4K plus discreet audio recording devices that enable you to hear the whole ceremony and reception speeches in beautifully clear sound. It’s your day, and we will use multiple cameras to film you at your very best, but we know it’s your day and we will film you and your guests whilst being very discreet and without drawing attention to us. We know it another expense, but we will create something so beautiful it will make you laugh, cry and hug this year and all the years to come, even when you watch it with your future grandchildren.

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When you partner with Skylark you not only work with the very best filmmakers, you will also be working alongside a team that cares as much about your brand as you do.

And while we’re at it we support good causes; support not-for-profit creative organisations and nurture new creative talent through our internship scheme. We have strong environmental credentials and seek to promote companies working in the sustainability space. Take a look at our Ethos page for more.

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The money we spent on our film has paid back twenty-fold. It's one of the best investments I've ever made.
Nigel White, Key Solutions